BQ Marathon Coach

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Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is as much about the mental dedication and
commitment as it is the consistent execution of the physical training itself. Many

runners think they know best how to train themselves and do not appreciate the

value that an experienced coach can bring to their running, especially when it

comes to qualifying for Boston.

     This is where the BQ Marathon Coach comes in! Regardless of your personal

situation and/or preferences, Tim will work with you to come up with a customized

plan ideally suited to YOU. He can also help you strategize how to train for and run

the Boston Marathon itself once you're in.

     Choosing the qualifying race that is best suited to you — taking into account details like time of year, size of field, course profile, etc. — is just one critical factor that is often underestimated. For example, does your work interfere with your training at certain times of the year? Do you like to use the official pace groups offered by some larger events? Do you run best on flat courses, or do you need gently rolling terrain so that different muscle groups are engaged along the way? Or has life just beat the hell out of you lately and you need a screaming downhill course to make it? (Despite Heartbreak Hill and its Newton brethren, Boston itself is a largely downhill race​.)

     Of course, Tim is happy to work with runners of all abilities for other goals, e.g. new PRs for any distance, sub-4:00 marathon,
first marathon, sub-1:45 half-marathon, first ultramarathon, or any other goal you may conjure up!

Pricing varies depending on the level of coaching desired.

For example, perhaps you just need to refine a training plan you've already been using with moderate success. Or maybe you need more regular personal support, i.e. someone to check in with you following key training runs and to hold you accountable throughout your training program. Every runner's history and situation is unique, so please contact Tim for an initial consultation.